Join Our Agent Investment Group

At Credent, we encourage our associates in real estate investment. As an agent, you may think to invest yourself while you are already in the business or you can join our Agent Investment Group. If you see any good investment property, you bring it up to the team and we invest together.

There are three main areas of real estate investment:
1. Flipping: Buy fix-up properties and flip for quick returns
2. Developing: Buy properties or vacant lots to build up projects of tract homes, condos, or apartments, etc. for profits.
3. Holding: Buy properties to hold for renting income cash-flow.

Join Agent Investment Group (AIG)
_ Minimum share: $5,000
_ Who can join: Agents and their families and friends only
We have on-going development projects and flipping properties from time to time.

One has an idea, shares the thought, together gets started, together gets shares!
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